Omni-channel decoded-Meeting the retailer expectations

Retail today is shifting from a single channel environment to a multichannel platform. Customer Journey is also not linear as in early days. Customer is pervasive and omnipresent.
She is connected through multiple channels with her ecosystem including the business entities  she purchases from like retail stores and e-commerce sites.
She may be inside a store but searching an item on her mobile. She may be sitting in a coffee shop and reviewing an item on social media and ultimately may order reaching back home on the company website. In the process she may benefit from coupons and reward points that may help her get discounts on her buy.
Today's omni-channel environment requires a holistic approach to ensure that every point of contact delivers a high level of engagement to the customer and creates an enduring experience.
Mcarrots is one of the solutions in the market that help merchant create an omni-channel relationship with the customer by providing tools like CRM, Mobile apps, social connect and m-commerce platform that makes user experience truly seamless. It has an integrated analytic to dig deeper into customer journey and help retailers customize their offerings and campaign to suit the situation.


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