M-commerce- Enhancing omni-channel customer experience

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Technology has been changing at a phenomenal speed.Few  years ago internet was an enigma, just around the corner we were using e- commerce sites for purchasing and today the whole world has converged in our hand with a small device called Smart Phone. Amazon,Snap deal and flip kart's 60% traffic comes from  mobile.That means most people today prefer mobile for searching ,reviewing and even buying products of their choice.
            Mobile Commerce is another channel for retail that cannot be ignored today. It serves immense power to customer to choose, review and buy a products from a location of their choice. For a retailers with a physical store it can also help them to develop an Omni channel strategy.
            A customer can search an item online, review it and than look for the local store where they can buy. Possibly if they are comfortable they can go to the mobile store and order the items there itself through the company mobile application. This confluence of SOCIAL, LOCAL AND MOBILE popularly referred to as SoLoMo is changing the buying behavior of customer.
            Mcarrots with solutions like social bridge, m-commerce application helps to integrate the offline with the online stores to ensure speedy, easy and convenient shopping experience

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