SMAC your customers to improve retailing

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                    Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud with the popular acronym SMAC is the next big thing that can help business achieve their goals by optimizing costs. The value that each area adds to the business is multiplied when combined into a single offering making it a natural and more potent solution. 

Social media gives businesses a way to reach a larger audience quickly and efficiently. It also helps to create buzz in a short period of time.

 Mobile is driving the online business today. Many in fact are moving from web based business model to only mobile models which speaks  volume about the future of e-business.

Visual Analytics is helping business to find value in the operations as they are now able to analyze customer activities through social media analytics, web analytics, big data and predictive analysis.

In fact all the above services are delivered on cloud that helps companies reach economy of scale and makes it affordable and efficient  to scale their operations in future. Overall, SMAC is something which managers and entrepreneurs are banking on to bring transformation in their business practices.

Mcarrots  is one of the digital platforms for retailers that help brand engage and grow  through SMAC both online and offline

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