All about OmniChannel and their Benefits

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In simple terms, "Omni" means universal or all and obviously you would be knowing the meaning of “Channel”. Now, coming to the point of why this term “OmniChannel” is really important to retail business especially in today’s world which is filled with tough competition. 

In 1990s, retail was at the level of “brick and mortar stores” or "catalog sales" which would happen by either through mailing or phone. Pioneers such as Sears & Roebuck and L.L. Bean started working on the model of catalog as early as 1800s. In today’s world, we are using multiple channels to sell for example e-commerce, m-commerce, social media, advertisements in television, newspaper, banners and many more but what is result of doing all these activities, have they been yielding desired results ?

OmniChannel is all about your experience, perceiving and understanding all things. It provides the retail brands the data and experience, which gives them the advantage to create processes and planning for their future experience. Customer experience can be termed as “Life" because there is no end to it and has to go on forever. Everyone tries to knock down their minuses and simultaneously increase more positives. Getting constant and same experience about a product or service has to be customised for each brand or format. You can call this as new way of thinking or marketing that is yet to be explored. 

Most of the customers end up doing 5 steps in their "from desire to purchase" journey such are awareness, desire, research, comparison and purchase. I am sure, you would have gone through all the above mentioned steps while purchasing a product or service for your own or company. All the data of above mentioned activities of the customer is in fragmented form in online and offline and with few systems or processes in place, you be able to gather these data.

When a brand thinks about customer experience, it has to be OmniChannel present and today there aren’t many brands around us who failed to adopt this model but still try to increase their sales or revenue. Will you believe, if we said that “WalMart” has failed miserably in South Korea just because they couldn’t differentiate American and South Korean markets which includes shelf height and presentation of fresh fish at their 16 stores which was later sold off in 2006. Same scenarios do continue in other brands as well. After persevering through the years when it seemed "Starbucks" could do no wrong had to shut shop in Israel in the year 2003 which is just 2 years from opening, due to heavy competition. 

When a brand can understand OmniChannel data and their customers are the one’s who succeed in large. A new perspective for the customer is born with their experience and that tends to bend them towards the brand more often than normally. Now, becoming a omniscient isn’t difficult when you have us around. MCarrots solutions have always helped brands to achieve their Omniscient goals. We provide "technology" as a "service" which helps you to build the base of customers who are inclined towards your brand. 

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