Gift Cards- Smart way to increase your Customers Repeat purchases

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 Since their inception, gift cards have enjoyed increased sales.For businesses,gift cards are easy to offer due to the minimal overheads cost and overall convenience for the consumers.For customers and the gift card's recipient , they offer a sense of freedom and a simple solution for gifting.Many businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises,have realized the tremendous opportunity gift cards provide ,and offer them to increase revenue,enhance customer acquisition and boost customer repeat purchase and customer loyalty.
   Gift Cards benefits all the parties involved the buyer the recipient and the business.The buyer has completed a convenient gift purchase with little worry as to whether the recipient will like the gift,the recipient receives it without concern whether it will fit or not and the business has a repeat customers and increased its sales.Business also get an opportunity to capture a new customer when a recipient redeem  a gift card to that particular store which they have never visited before.According to survey report 41% of the survey respondents said receiving gift cards has prompted them to visit store they otherwise would not have visited.59% of the respondents said they visited a store more frequently after receiving a gift cards.With this tremendous opportunity to capture new customers and gaining repeat visits there is no reason why any business should not offer gifts cards.
   Repeat visits lead to long term profits.It has been estimated that repeat customers spend on an average 67% more than the first customers.Any size or type of business can offer gift cards as it is both affordable and manageable.There is no reason not to offer them when it is a simplest way  to encourage repeat purchase in turn generating additional revenue,increase customer loyalty and improve customer acquisition. With the popularity of gift cards program rapidly growing,soon enough,consumers will start to expect them, even from small and medium sized businesses.It’s 2015, and businesses must get on board in order to stay in the game.
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